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Results for the week - Sep 25, 2016 to Oct 1, 2016

Sun Sep 25Mon Sep 26Tue Sep 27Wed Sep 28Thu Sep 29Fri Sep 30Sat Oct 1
3:30 PM
Waldorf School ...2
Judson Internat...1
3:30 PM
White Memorial ... 
Foothill Oaks A... 
3:15 PM
Aveson School G...0
La Cañada Prep ...2
3:30 PM
Waverly School ... 
La Cañada Prep ... 
3:30 PM
Barnhart School...16
Foothill Oaks B...20
3:45 PM
Sequoyah School... 
Foothill Oaks G... 
10:00 PM
Aveson School G... 
Waldorf School ... 
Barnhart School Girls220006411
La Cañada Prep Girls110003201
Judson International Girls100101120
Bethany School Girls000000000
Foothill Oaks Girls000000000

Waldorf School Girls210104330
Aveson School Girls200202040
Glendale Academy Girls000000000
Sequoyah School Girls000000000
Waverly School Girls000000000
White Memorial Girls000000000

Barnhart School Boys21010430320
Judson International Boys1100034801
Foothill Oaks Boys11000320160
La Cañada Prep Boys1001010480

Aveson School Boys21010420200
Sequoyah School Boys100101680
Glendale Academy Boys000000000
Waverly School Boys000000000


Updated Tue Mar 29, 2016

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Waverly School Boys

Added Tue Mar 29, 2016

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