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Points of Emphasis

Matches will be best of three sets

25-point games (no cap)

15-point deciding game (no cap)

Two timeouts per team per game

1-4-1 The home team shall select their team bench.

1-4-3 The visiting captain shall call the toss. The winner shall choose either to serve or receive.

1-4-4 If necessary, prior to the deciding game of a match, the home captain shall call the toss. The winner shall choose to serve/ receive or the playing area. The loser of the toss shall be given the remaining choice.

4-1-6 Players shall not wear jewelry (including during pre-match warm-ups) with the exception of religious or medical medals. If such medals are worn, they shall be taped to the body under the uniform.

4-1-c  Uniforms shall be worn as intended by manufacturers.

4-2-3f A number is required and it is recommended that there be a number on the front and back.  Placed so the top of the number on the front of the uniform is no more than 5 inches down from the shoulder seam; or placed so the number is centered no more than two inches below the neckline opening on the upper body or no more than two inches below the bottom edge of the neckline ribbing on the uniform top.

9-5-4 A aback-row player (on or in front of the attach line), cannot contact the ball completely above the height of the net and complete an attack.

9-6-5 Blocking or attacking a served ball is not permitted.

Rule Exceptions and Addendums

In consideration that the Foothill League is:

  • a league of Middle School grades 6-7-8
  • is the first experience with interscholastic competition for the majority of the players
  • the Foothill League will play girls' volleyball under the current CIF rules with the following exception:
  1. Players who attempt to set the ball will be given consideration for using the overhead pass to promote the opportunity to develop a three-hit attack. In order to promote the confidence and skill and to allow the game to proceed, only a glaringly bad mishandling, such as an obvious double-hit and or catching or throwing the ball will be considered an illegal hit. This does not apply to a ball being redirected over the net. 
  • The Libero player will be used as per the CIF rule book.
  • The Libero may serve in one service spot each set.
  • A team is only allowed one Libero per set. 
  • Libero should wear a different colored uniform. 
  • Team using a Libero must provide a Libero tracker for the scorers table.
  • The home team must provide a scorekeeper (adult/high-school aged) and a visible scoring device.
  • It is recommended to use the CIF score sheet for all matches. 
  • Line judges will be provided (one from each school). 
  • Net height will be 7’4 1/8 for boys and girls competition.
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