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Unsportsmanlike Conduct

1. If a player draws a warning from an official / referee, the coach of that player will take the player out of the game for a period of time that will not be less than five minutes. If the warning is given near end of a quarter or half-time, the remaining time is carried in to the next quarter or beginning of the next half. If warning is given at end of a game with less than five minutes to play, the player leaves the game and does not return.

2. If this same player gets a second warning during the same game, the player will be ejected immediately from the game and automatically suspended from the next game. Note: The League office must be notified of this player’s suspension. This notification may come from the games’ official, the players’ coach or the opposing coach.

3. If after serving a one game suspension, this same player is warned again for any unsportsmanlike violation, this player will be suspended from playing in the remaining regular season, play off and championship game.

4. Coaches and parents are also accountable for their sportsmanship. Coaches are responsible for the actions of their parents.

5. If a player is ejected from a game for any reason, that player is not eligible for the end of season MVP Award.

6. The league president must be noticed of all player ejections. Name of player and number of uniform given.

Reasons for Warnings from Official / Referee:

1. Cursing, foul, abusive, threatening or taunting language that is directed at another player, coach, official or parent during a game. Such language before a game or immediately after a game in the immediate playing area could draw a warning also.

2. Body language that taunts threatens or displays itself in extreme anger or displeasure. Would include “middle finger” up, heaving a ball, excessive stamping of the feet. Would not include a temporary, casual display of displeasure or disappointment.

3. Overly aggressive or uncontrolled body contact with an opposing player. Would include flagrant fouls, unnecessary roughness, blocking etc.

Note: Many of the above reasons for unsportsmanlike conduct are judgment calls by an official/ referee. The official in charge of the game has the final ‘say’ on the call
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